Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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00:03:20 Bus Crashes Into A Coffee Shop
00:03:18 Opening Old Spoiled Milk
00:03:19 Man Puts Hand In Molten Metal
00:03:21 Crabs Take Over Airport
00:03:22 Cat Gently Pets A Bird
00:03:23 An Extremely Thirsty Tortoise
00:03:25 Flying Porta Potties
00:03:20 2 Whales Follow A Surfer
00:03:20 Monkey Swarm Takes Over City
00:03:25 Cat Sounds Like A Lazer Beam
00:03:23 Dog Slams Through Glass Table
00:03:22 Whale Sneezes On A Woman
00:03:22 Dog Loses Ball While Driving
00:03:25 Fighting Against Gravity
00:03:22 Plants That Give Tattoos
00:03:21 Dog Loves The Car Wash
00:03:22 This Cat Got Stuck

This Cat Got Stuck

3 months ago

00:03:23 Duck That Can Play The Drums
00:03:25 Really Stretchy Ice
00:03:24 This Plane Landed Sideways
00:03:22 A Really Squishy Turtle
00:03:26 Jumping Off A Foggy Cliff
00:03:26 Dogs Frozen In Time
00:03:16 A Cat That Sits Like This
00:03:17 A Really Small Pupil
00:03:26 The Grinch Ruins Christmas
00:03:25 Cat Gives Up On Life
00:03:23 A Really Buff Kangaroo
00:03:22 Invisibility Is Now Real
00:03:24 A Really Sick Dog

A Really Sick Dog

6 months ago

00:03:28 They Did Surgery On An Egg
00:03:14 Kitty With An Itchy Bum
00:03:21 Please Look At This Puppy
00:03:14 Eating A Floating Finger
00:03:27 Divers Find Giant Squid Egg
00:03:19 A Really Long Chicken
00:03:19 Cat Steals A Chicken Nugget
00:03:10 A Really Really Big Bunny
00:03:16 Baby Zebra Born With Spots
00:03:16 Pouring Fire On A Burger
00:03:20 Driving While On Fire
00:03:27 Swimming Under Ice

Swimming Under Ice

8 months ago

00:03:16 Sharks That Glow In the Dark
00:03:18 Stealing In Front Of A Cop
00:02:57 Golfing With Alligators
00:03:17 A Rock That Glows

A Rock That Glows

9 months ago

00:03:19 A Human Burrito

A Human Burrito

9 months ago

00:03:16 Helicopter Flying Past Cars
00:03:18 Using Face Swap On Twins
00:03:16 Making A Squirrel Pancake
00:03:20 A Really Cool Cat

A Really Cool Cat

10 months ago

00:03:21 A Giant Mosquito Tornado
00:03:17 A Real Life Gummy Worm
00:02:51 Crash Test For Dogs

Crash Test For Dogs

10 months ago

00:03:26 The Sleeve Monster

The Sleeve Monster

10 months ago

00:03:18 A Really Itchy Rhino
00:03:24 Tiger Chases Man On Motorcycle
00:03:24 The Strongest Bed In The World
00:03:21 The Biggest Cat Hug

The Biggest Cat Hug

11 months ago

00:03:26 A Transparent Caterpillar