E99 How to Make Malt Syrup and Some Sweets for Your Colleague | Ms Yeah

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • To make malt sugar just with wheat and sticky rice, Ms Yeah is going to show you step by step.1. Soak the wheat/malt in water2. Wait the wheat/malt germination3. Cut malt stem4. Mix with cooked sticky rice5. Filter the fluid6. Slow burn and stir7. Perfect malt syrup is doneHello I am Ms Yeah. I cook in office in an unconventional way. Okay, you can say it is a "weird" way. I like doing this because it is fun.Life is not always fun, but we can try to create more by ourselves. — Let's search fun in life together! Subscribe to Ms Yeah Official Channel on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QGB4AT Instagram: MsYeah Join Ms Yeah’s FB Group to interact more with Ms Yeah. https://bit.ly/2HkqlqF 海外后援会(中文交流无障碍): https://bit.ly/2TKf6yA#MsYeah #Howtomakemaltsyrup #MaltSugarmaking#麦芽糖 #麦芽糖的做法 #自制麦芽糖#小野 #办公室小野
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    Anya told me the Dragon's whiskers sweets is called "gulali rambut nenek" in Indonesian, in chinese we called it龙须酥. Do you have this kind of sweets in your country? Comment below, let's discuss the name. Kindly subscribe to my channel. Thank you❤hope you all have a great weekend. https://goo.gl/QGB4AT

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