Most Korean Fire Noodles Ever Eaten (x15 Packs) | 불닭 볶음면 도전

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Good Video? Hit that Like button!NEW MERCH Link below vvvRevisiting the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge 4 years later!! Just.. a whole ton more!Most people have tried 1 pack, a handful have dared to do a whole 5-pack, most I've ever seen is 6 by Zach Choi (, but no one has ever eaten 15 before!! Can I manage the heat? Watch and see.Watch the last Korean Fire Noodle Challenge I did!!--!!Follow me on Social!FACEBOOK - - - - - Slight "Close out"/ Getting rid of inventory at Big Cartel Address:P.O. Box 22210San Jose, CA 95151Credits:Music from "Video CoPilot's" "Proscores" CD/DVD
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  • Cup Head

    Cup Head

     2 days ago +698

    your basic fart can destroy the whole area 51

  • Xela Williams

    Xela Williams

     3 days ago +358

    My cousin ate ONE pack and manged to literally BREAK the toilet.

  • iiSkyy :D

    iiSkyy :D

     2 days ago +245

    Matt: *Eats 15 Packs of Fire Noodles* Looses weight
    Me: *Breathes* Gains 50 pounds

  • SharkyLittlePlays Roblox

    SharkyLittlePlays Roblox

     3 days ago +390

    Matt: eats 15 korean spicy noodle
    Toilet: no please i have a family!!😥
    Edit: whoa thank you for the likes!

  • Sharice Mosley

    Sharice Mosley

     3 days ago +49

    Good thing it tastes good..
    Me: or you’d be crapped

  • Mokia Khlia

    Mokia Khlia

     5 days ago +622

    I feel bad for the:
    Edit: Wow this wasn’t supposed to get a lot of likes
    Edit 2: Exactly so I wouldn’t get so many replies

  • Micah Nicholls

    Micah Nicholls

     yesterday +13

    Matt:I’m so ready let’s do this
    Toilet:plz no I’m only 4 I still have a long life ahead of me

  • Franz Latonero

    Franz Latonero

     18 hours ago +13

    Whaaat. How did it fit on his stomach?
    I don't care bout the spicy thing. I'm just wondering how wide are his intestines 🤣

  • Jack Sundwall

    Jack Sundwall

     1 months ago +9720

    Your butt is going is to have Vietnam flashbacks

  • Nur Zulaikha

    Nur Zulaikha

     2 days ago +80

    How to not waste your money on a lipstick
    Edit: he looks like a clown tho😂😂😂😂😂

  • DestinyGSP


     3 days ago +150

    when North Korea sees this,
    -North Korea “we need more spicy ingredient”

  • HypeD X

    HypeD X

     4 days ago +40

    Matt does a eat challenge
    Toilet: why are we still here just to suffer. WHY TOILET PAPER WHY?!?
    Toilet paper: we die together buddy

  • Jane In Wonderland

    Jane In Wonderland

     6 hours ago +6

    Dude water makes spice even worst try drinking cold milk

  • SwiffftyD


     1 months ago +7448

    This is how many toilet trips he took

  • Yaman Mustafa

    Yaman Mustafa

     yesterday +8

    At 6:33 when he finishes his challenge, you can hear his toilet weeping in the background...

  • AndrewRL


     2 days ago +32

    I never knew that Matt used noodles for lipstick?

  • Latha Balraj

    Latha Balraj

     20 hours ago +6

    I'm totally against playing with your health like this.. but damn I've only got respect for you

  • Kingg Dreamz

    Kingg Dreamz

     14 hours ago +3

    Matt: Eats 15 packs of spicy noodles.
    Toilet: Why you.. Bully me ;_;

  • It’s sodium chloride

    It’s sodium chloride

     1 months ago +33885

    eats 15 packs of fire noodles
    Anus has left the chat

  • Pro me You

    Pro me You

     20 hours ago +4

    Your life is short now but i am stell like you brah