Gentle Rain Sounds Rolling Thunder Sounds Black Screen Sleep Meditation Relaxing Rainfall

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • Gentle Rain and Rolling Thunder Black Screen by David A Keller (DreamWorld youtube channel)
    Date Recorded:11/02/2017 I recorded this thunderstorm with a Tascam dr44 digital audio recorder. I recorded this storm on my property underneath an old pavilion near a small forest in Texas. This recording was edited in Sony Vegas and Audacity. Artwork done by David A Keller in Autodesk Sketchbook and other means. All audio and video was recorded myself, David A Keller for the amazing subscribers on this channel(DreamWorld). Thunderstorm sound for sleep relaxation. Rain sounds for sleep meditation. Rain and thunder for sleep and rest.

    Recorded Created and Produced by
    David A Keller
    Copyright © 2019 DreamWorld Media David A Keller
    All rights reserved.
    All original audio and video.

    Production Equipment used:
    Tascam DR44
    Canon EOS T3i
    Sony Vegas
    Autodesk Sketchbook

    Relaxing natural sound for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Also, use it while doing your homework or just for fun. This rain track, I recorded comes with a black screen for light blocking sleep. Sleep well.

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    Relaxing natural sound for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Also, use it while doing your homework or just because. Rain sounds can be quite refreshing for your brain. It gives you that calm soothing feeling of relaxation and peace that makes you feel safe. I've been listening to rain since I was 16 yrs old and always felt a connection to its sound. When it first starts from the smell rain exudes to the symphony of distant thunder it emanates. The sound of water droplets falling into puddles and white noise that sends positive vibes throughout my body. Pure relaxation at its finest with deep concentration of thoughts blooming throughout your mind. The raindrops reach out and tickle your soul with each splash that lands. I sleep to it, write to it, use for deep moments of mindful rest, and just as a background ambiance in my every day life. Sleep well everyone.

    © DreamWorld LLC, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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