GOP lawmaker booted from impeachment inquiry hearing

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said he was kicked out of this morning's hearing with Fiona Hill. An official working on the impeachment inquiry said Gaetz was booted because he does not sit on any of the committees conducting the impeachment investigation. Gaetz "attempted to crash today’s deposition despite being ineligible and refused to leave, causing an unnecessary delay in the deposition," the source added.
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  • paula cheeseberger

    paula cheeseberger

     7 days ago

    Truly sad that this pile of trash was elected to office...BUT WAIT...his daddy probably made that happen. Makes you wonder truly how many DUIs he does have and how many DUIs is Daddy paid to have taken off his record!
    True true corruption from Donald Putin-trump to Matt gaetz and his dad.

  • Gee Lawrence

    Gee Lawrence

     7 days ago

    Matt gaetz is a worthless stupid piece of shite you should go back to tending bar in Florida.
    Another trimper wannabe with no brains.
    do you want a line with your rum and coke that's about as far as his intelligence goes.
    Matt gaetz his opinion is worthless

  • David L

    David L

     7 days ago

    Gaetz got booted like the drunk Frat boy he is. Gaetz should keep getting DUIs and leave politics to the adults.

  • 65wiseman


     7 days ago

    If anyone could be obnoxious just by their mere presence then it is Gaetz. Such a sarcastic punk! A made to order trump crony. There have been few people like him that I have had such an instant antipathy toward. How could anyone vote for this?

  • Leonardi laurenti

    Leonardi laurenti

     7 days ago

    That Matt Gaetz bears the semblance of a rotten KKK and offspring of a DUMB White Nationalist. What he did, in my estimation, will be counterproductive to the Republican Party. He showed his true colors. He out to reject the second "t" in his first name and offer himself as a MAT... that which begs humans to wife their muddy or dusty feet right on his face.

  • Ryan Kibby

    Ryan Kibby

     7 days ago

    That is one tall man!

  • Silly Willy

    Silly Willy

     7 days ago

    Dude....(he understands that lingo).....this was not a kegger, and your shining brand of patriotism was not needed...mainly because you are on none of those committees. I understand that as a Senator, you do not know these rules...( ok, I DON'T understand why you don't know these rules), but ....please..please...go to graduate school and leave the business of running the country to the grown-ups!

  • Mix Lennoxx

    Mix Lennoxx

     7 days ago


  • James Richardson

    James Richardson

     7 days ago

    Fake news channel

  • Jamie Lancaster

    Jamie Lancaster

     7 days ago

    He tried to get in because he doesn’t think the rules apply to him.

  • The Scooter

    The Scooter

     14 days ago

    Matt Gaetz has the most punchable face in Washington, what a fucking dork.

  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

     14 days ago

    gaetz--another great bonespurs ass kisser----

  • adrian collette

    adrian collette

     14 days ago

    Any following of already established rules would come as a shock to gaenz

  • mindminer


     14 days ago

    Matt Mugshot Gaetz

  • ma ta

    ma ta

     14 days ago

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty Schiff others ,95% of our congress is in the Hands of Israel lobby, and our media is owned by 9 Israeli double citizens. we have to take back our government, back from Israel and eliminate the Israel lobby the AIPAC and others, total 11 Israel lobby operates in USA . if Trump did what Nathenyahu asked'," Bomb Iran" this will all go away, it is all about Israel and Israel's interest in this country, even called" Kurds " actually not are a PKK terrorist organization that Israel was and is using against the Turks ,due to the President Erdogan's vocal support for Palestinians and criticizing Israel's crimes . not a one congress members will dare to criticize Israel. few like Ilhan Omar is targeted who does ,if you do not notice. they constantly bombarded us with their control of Mass media, and trying to confuse us about the friend from a foe, when did the terrorist organization joined the Nato? which Turks are an ally for 70 years and posses the second largest military in nato and strategic location of this country is unmatched protecting American interest , look at this FAKE news media, how they distort the facts ,it is a shameful the state our government is in .when Russian navy parked in entire shores from Black sea to eastern Mediterranean sea, than US will find out what is in stake than.

  • Johnny Podesta

    Johnny Podesta

     14 days ago

    Matt Gaetz reminds me of Quagmire on Family Guy.

  • Jim Dandy

    Jim Dandy

     14 days ago

    Why are democrats operating behind closed doors and making up rules as they go? None can answer that. Nadler condemned the use of the word lunching by Trump. Democrats went crazy. Guess what...Nadler used the exact same word during the Clinton impeachment. Keep going genius hypocrites. It will cost you in one year.

  • pamcakes okie

    pamcakes okie

     14 days ago

    How can you trust a man with no top lip (Matt)?

  • Private Private

    Private Private

     14 days ago

    I hope they put YOU in jail Matt Gaetz, you hypocritical, drama ensuing, disgusting piece of shit.

  • Zed Dead

    Zed Dead

     21 days ago

    The DUI Poster Child.