BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'Available on iTunes @ on Apple Music @ on Spotify @ BLACKPINK Merchandise: Available @YG SELECT : SELECT China : SELECT Amazon(JP) : SELECT Amazon(US) : SELECT Amazon(UK) : SELECT Qoo10(SG) : #블랙핑크 #KILLTHISLOVE #EP #KillThisLove #MV #20190405_0AM #OUTNOW #YGMore about BLACKPINK @
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  • Ana Marie Garnica

     2 months ago

    Lisa's rap is faster than my data connection!


     32 minutes ago

    Philippines? oh yeah 👍

  • Tina Mccrary

     51 minutes ago

    @TJ Faaea stop hating I bet u cant do any better, at least she got 20m followers and 27 suscribers and she speak 4 languages, u probably cant even speak the one language u know, all u do is hate I bet

  • ray 34567

     21 hours ago

    A New Era will begin in YG .Blackpink and other Artists will continue success even better under New Boss.Blinks,Believe me what I say.

  • Rj Cabigayan

     44 minutes ago

    true true true

  • Kpop Tube

     45 minutes ago

    I hope it's cl and g dragon.

  • LISA

     18 hours ago

    *BLACKPINK* - *Kill This Love* M/V2019-06-16 12am KST:420,764,8652019-06-17 12am KST:423,445,756*Today:2,680,891*Keep going Blinks ! Fighting

  • Acu Salleh

     2 hours ago

    Guys can we str€@m Forever Young Dp too.. Coz it's nearly 100m..

  • Irene González

     7 hours ago

    Str3am babies Blinks

  • •[vantesoo] •

     22 hours ago

    *Congratulations to BLACKPINK for baing the first kpop group to surpassed 27M subscribers!* ✨❤️

  • Bless Dabalos

     13 hours ago

    Yg is going through a very hard time. So please continue to support Ikon, Somi, Blackpink, Winner, Lee Hi etc. #ProtectYgArtists

  • Tiyan Gaming

     an hour ago

    Aku ora mudeng

  • Do not cum for me

     2 hours ago

    More info?

  • Rosé chipmunk

     2 months ago

    YouTube : I'm going to freeze you Blackpink : we're going to break you

  • Putri Diah Kurniasih

     2 hours ago

    Rose yuo is cute

  • Lalisa Manoban

     4 hours ago

    Lisa: Here I come kick open the door

  • Life doesn't come with instructions

     18 hours ago

    27M subscribers!!!!Congrats Blinks and BlackpinkI am gonna have a pasta party! Oh god I had two pasta parties in the same month!!! So proud of our Jenchulichaeng...*Blackpink is the Revolution*

  • Rosé Chaeyoung

     22 hours ago

    Congratulations blackpink !!!BLACKPINK HAS 27milion Subs🖤💖sorry my english is bad😊😅

  • Ariana Grande fan

     13 hours ago

    Literally my friend in school mentioned this song and I said 'who is BLACKPINK?' She said 'search them up and but kill this love on' I did as she said and THIS IS MY NEW FAV SONG,GREAT JOB BLACKPINK.

  • Jacob Noah

     seconds ago

    @I Stan Yg cause I Stan queens blackpink that's not a fvckin info, that's a fvckin reccomendation

  • Jacob Noah

     a minute ago

    Please don't. Ariana grande i can take it but blackpink it's just too far. Stop it get some help

  • EzzyX ToxicBlink

     19 hours ago

    Happy 27 million subs BLACKPINK and blinks.First Korean and kpop channel to get it.

  • jennefer taganahan

     11 minutes ago


  • Tina Mccrary

     54 minutes ago

    lol XD