New 16-Inch MacBook Pro Unboxing vs 15-Inch! Testing Apple's Claims

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • Improved cooling. A Magic Keyboard. Faster CPU & GPU performance. The best speakers on a laptop, ever. An amazing laptop microphone. And one of the best displays I've ever seen. This laptop marks the first time I've been impressed with the MacBook Pro line in years. Here's a full comparison to the 15-inch MacBook Pro!

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  • Alex Wang

    Alex Wang

     a months ago +41

    The keyboard travel of 16” is twice as much as the 15”

  • Ovidiu Fotache

    Ovidiu Fotache

     7 days ago

    song name at 4:50 please? :)

  • Seb Luke Travis

    Seb Luke Travis

     14 days ago

    The 2019 16" is not as an aggressive screen to body ratio as it should have been - it's obviously more iterative, not a true grand reveal. The chassis may stay the same but not the size of screen. Apple will reduce the 'chins' to try and get to 16.5 in that form factor over an extended period of months.

    To me it's another dangled carrot to get more sales slowly and incrementally - when the tech is already there. Huawei and Dell can do it (almost to infinity screen) so why can't Apple? Why couldn't have this been 16.5 inch in that form factor give or take a couple of mm. WiFi 5 is a joke for this, the webcam is awful and takes up too much space. The Intel processors will be old hat in a couple of months (maybe they should have waited). Think outside the box Apple - have the webcam pop up (Oneplus 7 Pro style) or use a tiny inverted/ teardrop camera area like the top Samsung phones do.

    Just not good enough so I ain't gonna be spending all that money - happy with my 2015 MacBook Pro. This until they stop f@ckin about with half jobs and release the up to date tech that they clearly have in R&D - like so many other brands do. They will fall behind in the laptop space with Huawei, Dell, Microsoft and Razer Studio being much more pioneering and revealing.

    Over to you Apple ...

  • 張泰銘


     21 days ago

    I hate to be rude or goatist.
    But the beard/Stache makes you look like a goat.

  • koy pond

    koy pond

     21 days ago

    Apple should've release the 14" MBP version of this 16". I hear it's coming next year. So I need to wait to do a comparison. I can buy this 16" now, but I don't want any regrets later if the 14" suffices. I'm after a larger screen size coming from a MBA so the base model will do for my needs.

  • Eddie O'Connor

    Eddie O'Connor

     21 days ago

    LoL! now its 16 Inches of Meh"?.......XD

  • Mike Hammerberg

    Mike Hammerberg

     21 days ago

    Just got one two days ago. I love it! Thanks Sam

  • Hayden Walker

    Hayden Walker

     21 days ago

    I have only had the 15.4 inch "older" model for three months.Apple a disgrace baited people like myself to buy this crap dud when I could have got a better machine .BAD BAD FORM, absolutely disgrace

  • Kenneth Barker

    Kenneth Barker

     21 days ago

    Lay off all the ads....

  • Laurent de backer

    Laurent de backer

     28 days ago

    I think that lighting logo would be nice on the Space Grey! 😎

  • Virtual Party Center

    Virtual Party Center

     28 days ago

    That microphone difference is crazy!!!!

  • Kelvin KMS

    Kelvin KMS

     28 days ago

    Waiting for 4K facetime camera.

  • Téo Gouraye

    Téo Gouraye

     28 days ago +1

    9:12 Gosh i thought you were gonna swing it off the table.

  • RM


     28 days ago

    Shame on Apple that the displaycorners aren't round as on the newer iPhone models.

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

     28 days ago

    I don’t think there has ever been such a glaring difference in mic and speaker quality between two generations

  • goobot1


     28 days ago

    It looks quite a bit bigger for a .6 increase in screen.

  • Marc Guima

    Marc Guima

     a months ago

    You are nuts for buying that. I hope you got it for free.

  • Victor Barrera

    Victor Barrera

     a months ago

    Damn, just with the Mac Pro and ur Burberry sweatshirt ur looking at $3K lol good shit 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • warrenrose68


     a months ago

    I'd pay extra for a function key model...

  • Fyro Wower

    Fyro Wower

     a months ago

    this guy is terrible