7 Passive Income Ideas - How I Earn $700 A Day!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 4, 2019
  • I share my monthly passive income after LESS than one year on YouTube. My 7 Passive Income Ideas and how you can do it too.

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    This is how I make $700 a day in passive income and my 7 ideas for how you can do it too. Passive income is my favorite way of getting paid. Here are the top 7 ways I earn money online.

    #1 - Dividend Income investing from the stock market which happens to be my favorite way of receiving passive income. Dividend Passive Income requires a lot of money but it encourages you to save money, be frugal, and invest it rather than buying things you don't need.

    #2 - The second way I make money is through royalties. This is a lot more rare and most people don't make royalties but this can be a great source of passive income that I've been receiving since I was 19 years old through a course sale.

    #3 - Amazon Links is the third method. In fact, better than amazon links is the amazon bounty program which is a superior way to earn income on Amazon.

    #4 - Shopify passive income is another great source where I earn income from selling my merchandise. This can be a great way to boost your passive income.

    #5 - Affiliate Marketing is a huge source of income for me by talking about the brokerages I use in my every day life to buy my stocks. By signing up to my link and funding your account, you will earn a stock valued at up to $1000 and I will earn a small commission. It helps my channel out while giving you some stocks to get started with your investing.

    #6 - My Patreon page which is the one I'm thankful for the most. A lot of youtube creators will use Patreon to give early access to content. However, rather than stretching myself out too thin, I used that income to reinvest it and create tools for tracking our passive income from the same automated data provider that Robinhood and many other major brokerages use. This is an extremely expensive service and i'm using patron money to help fund it.

    #7 - YouTube passive income, the one you've been waiting for, my biggest source of passive income. The catch is, is that it's anything but passive. You have to work extremely hard, be consistent, honest, and helpful without peddling your products and/or constantly giving people a timeshare presentation.

    Hope you learned and got something out of this passive income video!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/D0oB4aZsz6c


  • Andrei Jikh

    Andrei Jikh

     a months ago +892

    If I can conquer my fear, anxiety, self doubt and have this kind of income in under a year, you can do it too. PS: Video was just re uploaded!

  • Ptakun Damian Show

    Ptakun Damian Show

     6 hours ago

    Those are your businesses not a typical passive income....

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    Kelly Marianno

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    Great video... Thanks

  • Erik Britz

    Erik Britz

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    Ughh i need a legit step by step on a passive income not just talk about how someone is making it yes i need proof but show us how instead of just being this is the name of the method and i make ching bye

  • Elizabeth Shaw

    Elizabeth Shaw

     23 hours ago

    1A. Be a good bullshit artist.

  • ken alfred

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    Thanks for the info. Time for 2020 work for me too. All the best and thank for sharing.

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    Nice video

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    Please can you make an indebt series or video if you have time about how the 1st passive income source works. I'm really intriged 🙏🙋‍♀️

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    maybe buy a razor?

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    I wont take financial advice from a guy who wears a Aeropostale polo shirt

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    hey you mentioned courses , could you pls tell me where too find courses to make good youtube videos . i am interested in making them as well

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     2 days ago

    Hey andrei, which brokerage would you recommend for a non-US resident?