PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • Lucky Snipers

    Lucky Snipers

     3 hours ago

    Looks like my cuz. Will sell his ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 and buy this cause its is compatible with all gen

  • Big746


     8 hours ago

    But will the controller battery last longer than an hour ?

  • ToxicPoults


     10 hours ago

    Can you use ps4 games on the ps5

  • bobby pin jr

    bobby pin jr


    With the PS5

  • bobby pin jr

    bobby pin jr


    I gotz a question... how bout We get Forza horizon 4

  • BangCake Gaming

    BangCake Gaming


    GTA 6 is probably only coming out some time after PS5

  • Lennox Trials

    Lennox Trials


    A built in microphone into the controller would be awesome rather just just output audio.

  • Marián Hyčko

    Marián Hyčko


    I've seen lot of videos about ps5. But I do not believe any od them... Clickbaits only

  • BDKSimba



    Remaster the DeadSpace Trilogy for the PS5. 🙏🏽

  • KINGofkings49er


     2 days ago

    Do I buy a ps4 for black Friday or I wait and save my money and buy a ps5??

  • Vtsshark


     2 days ago

    If God of War 5 comes out as a launch game I’m gonna loose it

  • Enigmatic Aquarius

    Enigmatic Aquarius

     2 days ago

    Will ps3 games work too?

  • Mary Ann Escorrido

    Mary Ann Escorrido

     2 days ago

    I hate how i see my ps4 gettong old i don't want to replace him.😧

  • ImJust Kev

    ImJust Kev

     2 days ago

    Metal gear solid remake using the fox engine would be god like

  • Exile05


     2 days ago

    They need to remake Legend of Dragoon, the bastards.

  • wazadandan


     2 days ago

    Le disign....!! Rien a foutre sérieux!! Déjà pour une console qui ce différenciais de par son jeu de voiture "gran Turismo" et y a eue qu'un prologue avec le sport sur ps4!!! Gameplay et contenu Pitoyable!! Le VR avec des jeux bidons pour les gosses!! A 500e le kit!! 900e console plus vr, plus volant 1250!! Et aucuns bon jeux officiel!! On en est à jouer à des vieux jeux pc sur console!! Et ils veulent vendre une ps5 lol!! Quelles pigeons vont acheter ca??

  • FLyRdevil


     2 days ago +1

    I’m broke though 🙃😭

  • Ryan Dillon

    Ryan Dillon

     3 days ago

    can we a controller for people with big hands

  • Sanborn Olsen

    Sanborn Olsen

     3 days ago

    I'm excited for GTA 6

  • Lewis Collins

    Lewis Collins

     3 days ago

    Please get rid of the touch pad. Most useless hardware ever