Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Manny Pacquiao defeats Keith Thurman via split decision to obtain the WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt.#PBConFOX #MannyPacquiao #KeithThurman #MannyPacquiaoVsKeithThurmanSUBSCRIBE for more from PBC ON FOX:►FOX Sports YouTube channel: more from PBC ON FOX: Like PBC ON FOX on Facebook: Follow PBC ON FOX on Twitter: Follow PBC ON FOX on Instagram: About PBC ON FOX:The official FOX Sports home of PBC coverage. We see every jab, cross, and knockout and share it with you, THE FAN. Our talent includes past and current PBC fighters such as Lennox Lewis, Shawn Porter, Tony Harrison, Abner Mares, and many more.PBC ON FOX content includes highlights, press conferences, weigh-ins and analysis from all PPV events and Fight Nights on FOX and FS1. You’ll also find clips from original studio shows like ‘Inside PBC Boxing’ and ‘PBC Face to Face’ as well as the best from the top athletes in the sport.Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX ON FOX
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     1 months ago +784

    What did you think about Manny Pacquiao's victory?

  • Aeron Puguan

    Aeron Puguan

     1 months ago +3133

    These were the worst highlights I’ve ever seen! Where was the knockdown in Round 1? Time to hire a new editor, Fox..

  • Abel


     1 months ago +1292

    I clicked on this wanting to see the knockdown. Wtf were these highlights

  • xXEpicNinjaXx


     1 months ago +468

    They made it look like Thurman won LMAO. 1st round Pacquiao knocks down Thurman come on man

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  • Oj Santamaria

    Oj Santamaria

     1 months ago +4602

    Was this highlight done by a 10 year old kid Youtuber? Terrible!

  • superturbofrog


     1 months ago +61

    They missed rounds 1 & 10... like Glen Feldman's scorecard lol

  • xXEpicNinjaXx


     1 months ago +117

    Where is the clip of when Pacquiao knocks down Thurman????

  • La Flame

    La Flame

     1 months ago +59

    Lmao. Both rd 1 and rd 10 got cut tf off. Someone really wanted Thurman to win lmao

  • oof oof

    oof oof

     1 months ago +129

    Let's be honest were all here for the comments

  • Michael Boado

    Michael Boado

     1 months ago +4722

    You guys literally left out the biggest highlight. Good job

  • Navakash Gill

    Navakash Gill

     1 months ago +17

    They didn’t show the knockdown or the 10th round body shot 😂😂 wtf are these garbage highlights.

  • CJTheKing


     1 months ago +11

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST HIGHLIGHT VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN. I can’t believe the editors and fox pbc team okayed this to be uploaded to YouTube as the fight highlights. Someone needs to be fired.

  • Just Decent

    Just Decent

     1 months ago +15

    Bruh the editor really likes Thurman over pac

  • svys


     1 months ago +7

    These highlights are so bias to therman like I get it HES American but then not acknowledging Manny being the better boxer is so stupid

  • JM P

    JM P

     1 months ago +2301

    Worst highlight😂 Where the knocked down?😂

  • april t

    april t

     1 months ago +8

    I made a better boxing recap video with my pets! Get it together, FOX!!

  • Fine Apple

    Fine Apple

     1 months ago +9

    "I let a random 7 year old boy to edit my highlights!"

  • Publicks


     1 months ago +41

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  • Isaias Palafox

    Isaias Palafox

     1 months ago +6

    No first round knockdown.? What kinda of highlight reel is this.? 🤣👎🏼