How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • What kind of smartphone does $50 get you in 2019?
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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     2 months ago +635

    Have you received these ghost texts? -

  • TKJ 843

    TKJ 843

     3 days ago

    Pls tryyyyyyy the Umidigi a5 pro plssss

  • munna wasik

    munna wasik

     3 days ago

    Not bad actually

  • Lucent uwu

    Lucent uwu

     5 days ago

    in my place in malaysia, 50$ can get a better phone than that one

  • Driever Produktions

    Driever Produktions

     6 days ago

    my phone has 12 times the amount or RAM than this phone... omg i am so blessed, also my mom has a tesla.

  • TheTechChannel 1

    TheTechChannel 1

     6 days ago

    2:52 scared me

  • Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever

     6 days ago

    Hey Check Realme C2 is better than

  • Xmod 999

    Xmod 999

     6 days ago

    Im using blackview a60 watching this video

  • Isaac Byamungu

    Isaac Byamungu

     6 days ago

    Lewis uses big words


  • Gabby Mod999

    Gabby Mod999

     7 days ago

    This is better than the $58 smartphone

  • Glen Smith

    Glen Smith

     7 days ago

    Blackview make very good budget phones. For the money you cannot go wrong. I only buy Chinese smartphones these days.

  • Afi Bedrock

    Afi Bedrock

     7 days ago

    The 4800mah battery is better than my galaxy s7 edge with 3800mah

  • Data Soong

    Data Soong

     7 days ago

    noobs a singol dey is 1 dey after a valnetayn dey!!

  • Sultan Haddad

    Sultan Haddad

     7 days ago +1

    good job

  • Jacob Mancira

    Jacob Mancira

     7 days ago

    i think willy du should get more screen time lmaao

  • Toxiflexx


     7 days ago

    That phone looks like a samsung glaxy a10e

  • Vojta Struhár

    Vojta Struhár

     7 days ago

    Switch to it

  • AXZ Blade

    AXZ Blade

     7 days ago

    Why did he say 72 hundred

  • TheAsianOne WC

    TheAsianOne WC

     7 days ago

    That website is the brother of Wish

  • Jonathon Davis

    Jonathon Davis

     7 days ago

    This thing is good for a kid. I got the note 10 plus and handed my iPhone X to my daughter. Shit took no time for her to ruin it