It's Time To Move On...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.


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  • Its Hailey

    Its Hailey

     18 minutes ago

    I lost my mother last year, when I found out I cried and didn’t know what to do after that. I was never the same and you need to just take a break on YouTube or maybe change from every week to every 2-3 weeks. Love you

  • Lena’s Place

    Lena’s Place

     19 minutes ago

    U do what u have to do honestly we don’t care take time of as long as ur long faking ur happiness to make us happy none of us r leaving because u take a break we r all here for u and if that means that u take breaks that’s fine we support

  • Kayla Famp

    Kayla Famp

     an hour ago

    I want u guys to be more real and genuinely happy , I like this side of y'all

  • psycho panther

    psycho panther

     an hour ago

    Are the quitting ?

  • Terrianna Armoni

    Terrianna Armoni

     an hour ago

    I’m confused are there no more dolans?? I respect that if it’s not cuz y’all been hustling for years I’ll miss y’all though 💕💕

  • Kayla Famp

    Kayla Famp

     an hour ago

    please take as much time as u need guys! mental health is important as fuck and we will still be here when you come back❤️ you have my support always

  • Bailey Walters

    Bailey Walters

     2 hours ago

    its so fucked to think that almost all the videos weve watched that the twins were happy and full of energy was a lie. its sad and they shouldn't have to put on a fake face just to impress us. they deserve to enjoy their life while theyre young instead of waiting until their old and cant do anything. they need a break and theyre allowed to take one. even if they dont upload anymore like as long as theyre happy at least theyre not forcing themselves to be happy

  • Leah D

    Leah D

     2 hours ago

    So when is the next vid 😬

  • DJS


     2 hours ago

    i didn’t watch the video cause it’s to long so can someone tell me what’s actually happening

  • Chloe Rose

    Chloe Rose

     2 hours ago

    99% of comments "Shane is the yputube therapist"
    Other 1% "ReLaTabLe"

  • Kendall Krisher

    Kendall Krisher

     3 hours ago

    hey where are he mini dolan twins then?

  • Zari A

    Zari A

     3 hours ago

    Wow. I felt that.

  • Aaliyah Kim Rodriguez

    Aaliyah Kim Rodriguez

     4 hours ago +1

    Post every 3 weeks instead!!!! or once a month !!! youu guys r so funny and can keep making money off youtube :)

  • Aaliyah Kim Rodriguez

    Aaliyah Kim Rodriguez

     4 hours ago +1

    but i love you guys :( i watch when i have free time

  • Reyna Ormeno

    Reyna Ormeno

     4 hours ago

  • jaylah Liming

    jaylah Liming

     4 hours ago +2

    obviously I am one of 65,869 comments and Shane has talked to you and hit a lot of good points but I lost my day almost 7 years ago and I am always here for you to talk about anything it would be my honor to actually let you be you as my dad didn't pass of a medical reason and took his life but I think I could help or just be a tiny part of help anyways I'm here

  • Noor Saleh

    Noor Saleh

     5 hours ago

    "Yall are 19 you should be out fucking around"

  • Yasmin Golshahi

    Yasmin Golshahi

     5 hours ago

    Haven’t seen your videos for a loong time, becuase as Shane said, after some time it just didn’t feel as genuine as your earlier stuff and u guys just seemed “stuck”. But after seeing this I’m honestly really excited to see what the future holds for you, and I am definitely looking forward for more content from u guys. so yeah, take your time, have fun and Im excited to see whatever you guys do next :)



     5 hours ago

    They are done with YouTube ?

  • Danielle Heredia

    Danielle Heredia

     5 hours ago

    When Ethan said Tue last intro my heart dropped I almost cried but then he said not the last video it was all better