Probably The Coolest Wallet In The World

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • The Volterman might be the World's coolest wallet.
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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     3 months ago +508

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  • Enormous Potato

    Enormous Potato

     6 hours ago

    Can it make money?

  • AnubhaV Chandrakar

    AnubhaV Chandrakar

     8 hours ago +1


    The theif would wait untill the wallet gets discharged, and then he'll open it up and then will just steal ur money!!!!

  • Wildan Izecson

    Wildan Izecson

     9 hours ago

    for sure all of the tested will they use it

  • Krishna Sekhar

    Krishna Sekhar

     10 hours ago

    Lew: I need a lozenge

  • Anthony Cudmore

    Anthony Cudmore

     19 hours ago +2

    1:22 just makes me laugh every time

  • Joshua Nieves

    Joshua Nieves


    They're shipping really sucks most of they're backers have not received their "perks" I would know I'm one waiting since end of 2018

  • justkiddin1980



    What use is a wallet without a pocket for coin change?? I bet i know why this wallet doesn't have one...

  • Michael Franklin

    Michael Franklin


    thats goodquality

  • D'Ascoyne



    Forget to charge your wallet? No problem. Just bring a battery and a cord. Wait a minute.

  • Ty D

    Ty D


    I know time are hard out here but if you could find it in your heart a bless a single father and his special needs son it would be amazing!! Bless the cash app $izzienda732 struggling single father just trying to do right by his child legally!!

  • Lernej100


     2 days ago

    If this wallet blows up everyone's gonna know about it so thieves will wear masks when opening it up

  • feynthefallen


     2 days ago

    Hey, I've googled smart wallets and there are many more. How about you review a few more?

  • FPL Lawyer

    FPL Lawyer

     2 days ago

    Where is Willieee dooo? in your new videos

  • Attila


     2 days ago


  • JaCkMaLeNoCk


     2 days ago +1

    What do you do with all the stuff that you buy after you review it

  • Day 44k

    Day 44k

     3 days ago

    Ye ye what’d up Will !!!

  • Prasad Gujar

    Prasad Gujar

     3 days ago

    Sitting on a battery , nope.

  • Derek Gold

    Derek Gold

     4 days ago

    Tether your wallet to your pants if you're that afraid of it being stolen. Or better yet only for those who lose their wallet all the time.

  • ツhismallworld


     5 days ago +1

    the thief can just steal the entire wallet and never open it. when he finds out that there's a camera on the wallet... he wouldn't bother opening it or just he'll maybe open it and the camera will just face in a different direction