The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • GO READ MY COLUMN! TO ASTON MARTIN NEWPORT BEACH! Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is Aston's flagship model -- and it carries a hefty $350,000 when normally equipped. Today I'm showing you around this DBS Superleggera, and I'll show you all the great quirks and features of the Aston DBS Superleggera.FOLLOW ME!Facebook - - - CHART:
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  • xevious2501

     6 months ago

    Love Doug's reviews, humble, straight to the point with entertaining garb and humor along the way, no fancy music nor crazy vfx graphics, just good old fashion straight talk with boat loads of personality. Dont changed the format its a winner, proof by subscriber numbers.

  • TheRPGentleman

     24 days ago

    Doug gets memed pretty hard though and for good reason. Dude's a total dork!

  • watergod 83

     27 days ago

    @Jack Torrance U said ur 21 and you make more than Doug? Either you were born rich, or somehow you have a talent or passion for something that allowed you to become an entrepreneur, otherwise I find that incredibly hard to believe. And how exactly is he an "asshole of epic proportions"? I suggest you watch the video of him with his 2005 Ford GT, his dream car. Not an iota of braggadocio from him in that video. He wanted a dream car and he went out and got it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it....

  • Jake Robitaille

     6 months ago

    Hey Doug, you should briefly review the quality of the sound systems on the cars you film.

  • Mickey Hernandez

     18 days ago

    Yes you right

  • John Vickers

     1 months ago

    Michael Lee Fr

  • RyanM6

     6 months ago

    Doug the type of guy to wash his hands after having a shower

  • Nadia Jones

     1 months ago

    Doug the type of guy that washes his hands before using the toilet

  • Ed Valvonis

     5 months ago

    Doug is a type of a guy who washes his hands before getting in the car

  • jdrbalm

     6 months ago

    8 out of 10 on styling? Man I gotta say personally I think it's drop dead.

  • Ian R

     1 months ago

    I saw the base DB9 on JL's G. Hyper red looks great and its the first AM that doesn't look heavy and slow. 9 from me (tan inside). Its a head turner in any colour

  • Abdullah D12

     4 months ago

    James Bond has joined the chat.


     2 months ago

    Abdullah D12 true haha

  • deyan07

     6 months ago

    At the aston dealership:“Coffee while you’re waiting?”“Cappuccino, thanks”“Great, that’ll be $5,380”

  • Alex 90

     4 months ago

    I hope the cup comes with ridges

  • Michael Carpenter

     6 months ago

    At porsche: Sure $4.95... oh? a cup is $3,200 and a lid will be $1900. Our exclusive paint to sample stir sticks are $7,200. That'll be $12,304.95

  • Shahzaib Sansi

     6 months ago

    Doug is the type of guy that bring a ruler with him on his bed just to see how long he slept.

  • central oriental

     2 months ago

    @Shahzaib Sansi we always call it a ruler here in England, know what I mean?

  • VW Guy

     3 months ago

    Oh god i laughed hard at this


     6 months ago

    The glovebox would cost another extra $5380.

  • Guest

     4 months ago

    Add another 3 zeros mate

  • Rian O Luasa

     4 months ago

    Correction $5386

  • H3rry118

     3 months ago

    I love how these cars can have completely trivial optional extras that cost more than my entire car

  • Tjk 92

     9 days ago

    You have to admit the interior styling and craftsmanship in that DBS Superleggera is FIRE!! Those leather seats and dash are amazing. If i won the lottery i would buy the Superleggera for my everyday car and get a McLaren 720S Spyder in McLaren Orange for my weekend track days or weekend scare the absolute shit out of everyone on the road

  • Gyro Gearloose

     1 months ago

    Perhaps you should do a Utube vid: My Cheap Car ?

  • Piotr Borkowski

     5 months ago

    Doug, please don't change anything in your reviews. It's perfect.

  • Bransen Cain

     1 months ago

    @Zubair Choudhry stfu nigga

  • Doubting Thomas

     1 months ago

    @Zubair Choudhry to each their own. He must be doing something right though