Human Headphones Just Changed The Game

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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    Human Headphones are the World's first true wireless over-ear headphones.

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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     4 months ago +3791

    What's more futuristic? Human Headphones or the bone conduction headphones from this video -

  • Pringles Doggo

    Pringles Doggo

     6 hours ago +1

    No it's not they're trash lol

  • Marija Inga

    Marija Inga

     14 hours ago

    Flossy said they were sorry...

  • Kiwi Chan

    Kiwi Chan

     16 hours ago

    Bitch got the Tyler head

  • Spotify Ads

    Spotify Ads

     16 hours ago

    Don't ever take off the hat fucking peanut head

  • Jayzz




  • zillonemperor2



    Zio sei un cazzone venduto

  • AverageJoeTv



    Yo, I really thought that I could trust this guy with his thoughts on reviews, but based on everything else that I’ve seen and heard, I just can’t.

    I already ordered a pair of them after seeing this video, and now I’m looking into the process of returning them

  • Monjur Morshed

    Monjur Morshed

     yesterday +2

    I love this new ones! I could finally replace my ears!

  • Mrbigolnuts


     2 days ago

    I'm having trouble taking you seriously when you look like a small woodland creature

  • MChonimon


     2 days ago

    Now i see why he always wears a hat

  • I challenge you to subscribe.

    I challenge you to subscribe.

     2 days ago

    I clicked this one cuz he was looking like an alien on the thumbnail!🥺

  • GamerMachine 360

    GamerMachine 360

     3 days ago

    Damn I want these just because they Turn into a speaker

  • Angel Corrales

    Angel Corrales

     3 days ago

    This looks soo stupid

  • A big Fan

    A big Fan

     3 days ago

    Man he be jammin to that cinematic rising climactic music 🎵

  • Alan Clark

    Alan Clark

     3 days ago +4

    For some reason I find the presenter a bit aloof and annoying. I wouldn’t like to hang out with him

  • Arfistic Wolf

    Arfistic Wolf

     3 days ago

    Okay so how is this different from air pods. Headphones are connected to each other?

  • bananaman 4000

    bananaman 4000

     3 days ago

    Wait till it's all micro chips and implants and we have human everything

  • TechnoloTree


     3 days ago

    Willy Du!

  • aman gadpale

    aman gadpale

     3 days ago

    I thought he will cry