Flair vs. Lynch vs. Carmella - Winner faces Asuka at Royal Rumble: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 8, 2019

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • The Man, The Queen and The Princess of Staten Island square off in a thrilling main event for the opportunity to challenge SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble event.

    #TripleThreat #SDLive

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kExxh9YRoyc


  • Emaad Hussain

    Emaad Hussain

     5 months ago

    I like Becky but char and car are idiots

  • gea ghenong

    gea ghenong

     6 months ago +1

    Carmella vs Ronda Rousey

  • Princess chloe Macarine

    Princess chloe Macarine

     7 months ago

    Peld si kamela der

  • Del Jacunab

    Del Jacunab

     7 months ago

    I never thought that Carmella can go toe to toe with the two top female at the same time in one ring.. She really did great..

  • Del Jacunab

    Del Jacunab

     7 months ago

    Carmella did great in this match!!

  • Ancap Otaku

    Ancap Otaku

     7 months ago

    How are these divas still employed you know if I went to my job and didn't accomplish anything or consistently failed at my job I get fired why are these women still employed.

  • worken360


     7 months ago

    Those are some ugly dudes!

  • The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With

    The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With

     7 months ago

    fake as f*** that's not a kitchen

  • Nerd Krusher

    Nerd Krusher

     7 months ago

    That was hot.

  • Liquid PSPC

    Liquid PSPC

     7 months ago

    Wrestling is just redneck anime

  • ZadTrax Productions

    ZadTrax Productions

     8 months ago

    WWE still is fake after all these years.

  • Rhetz Yoshioka

    Rhetz Yoshioka

     8 months ago

    Isn't Carmella a face?

  • scintillating true

    scintillating true

     8 months ago +1

    Feeling too dull

  • •Kidd Gaming Kid•

    •Kidd Gaming Kid•

     8 months ago

    I was thereeeeeeee

  • Alejandro Jesus Orellano Manotas

    Alejandro Jesus Orellano Manotas

     8 months ago

    Carmella fea

  • You Are Failing

    You Are Failing

     8 months ago

    Wth happened to mella?? She is fcking ugly now.



     8 months ago

    Here comes all of the internet bookers... 🙄

  • Shavinder1999


     8 months ago

    People wanting Mella to win, considering how much everyone despised her initial run. That's really impressive how much shes gotten over with truth and as a face.

    Either that or because people really dislike flair and want Becky in the rumble (I personally want Becky to be in THE MAN'S rumble to eliminate Cena, she is at the level of other entrants like Beth Pheonix and chyna)

  • qrst uvw

    qrst uvw

     8 months ago

    My hope in Asuka not Becky

  • Sione Fetuani

    Sione Fetuani

     8 months ago

    I love it when lynch won even if I wanted flair to win