What Makes These Headphones So Expensive?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
  • Kevin Durant + Master & Dynamic MW65 Headphones
    Master & Dynamic MW65 (USA Link) - https://amzn.to/2l7feYj
    Master & Dynamic MW65 (International) - https://geni.us/RNoOat

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/nynvu5VFr8I


  • Raymond Licon

    Raymond Licon

     7 days ago

    I actually have a little respect for the brand because they pick a celebrity to endorse their product. I have the Sony MW-1000s and the Jabra Elite 85h and personally I like the Sony's a bit more but the Jabra has better phone functionality and for the bug head guys the Sony is more comfy.

  • Jon Bush

    Jon Bush

     14 days ago

    I dont think any brand can beat Sony 1000xm3

  • Saucekilla 21

    Saucekilla 21

     1 months ago

    JBL 750 has ambient awareness

  • Parthiben Ben

    Parthiben Ben

     1 months ago

    Sounds way better once you start using and awesome sound after 10 days

  • Lyudmil Lyuckanov

    Lyudmil Lyuckanov

     2 months ago

    Do this have transparency mode ?

  • emersonleon85


     2 months ago

    “Ok”, “good” and “fine” should never be how you describe the sound on something that’s $500
    Yea of course there’s $1000+ headphones that sound much better but if I want ok, good and fine I’ll just buy some $30 headphones.

  • emersonleon85


     2 months ago

    So for $500 they give you a trash bag to carry them in 🙄
    Hard case bruh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maximilian Kohler

    Maximilian Kohler

     2 months ago

    Got the mh30 for almost 4 years now, they and the cable still look and work like in day 1
    Awesome quality 👍🏻
    Why are they so expensive? The look and feel like they will last your whole lifetime... And I am pretty sure they will

  • Drake Chaney

    Drake Chaney

     2 months ago +3


    No joke sounds like what the president would say when reviewing headphones

  • FreddyFranskHotdog


     2 months ago

    Try the skullcandy chrusher 360 (bass you can feel. Literally)

  • Austin Keeton

    Austin Keeton

     2 months ago

    I mean the bose 700's are 400 dollars. And I'm assuming these sound even better. And I'm a bose fan.

  • ronniegogs


     3 months ago

    The carry case is disappointing for such an expensive pair of headphones.. No protection at all.

  • neuromantoo


     3 months ago

    What makes those Headphones so Expensive.....GREED!!!!!

  • c l

    c l

     4 months ago

    Kevin Durant knows headphones

  • David Calderwood

    David Calderwood

     5 months ago +1

    With the MW65's - you have to let them burn in for around 18-20 hours of normal listening before they REALLY start to shine, the drivers are insanely high quality. The noise cancelling might not quite be on par with the latest, but they solidly perform as well as my older QC35's. Trading plastic and neodymium drivers (cheap) for lambskin leather, anodized aluminum, and beryllium drivers (Spoke with a rep, they use pure vapor-deposited beryllium drivers, costs $250 to manufacture the drivers alone for these.) is well worth the $150 price difference over Bose/Sonys offerings if you care more about sound quality and driver performance. With noise cancelling high and your music over 50% you won't be able to hear ANYTHING at all anyways, the passive isolation is very good.

  • Ben Miles

    Ben Miles

     5 months ago

    You should get some high res recodings for your headphone tests 👍

  • Torm Endor

    Torm Endor

     5 months ago

    3:30 A guy is testing his headphones' audio quality using wireless connection and a fucking phone, is this a joke?
    Get a PC with audio card will you. This is ridiculous.

  • Davis Collado

    Davis Collado

     5 months ago

    Which smartwatch is Lew Wearing? 🤔

  • Opportunity Y.B

    Opportunity Y.B

     5 months ago

    I like them it looks cool

  • Connor Hartley

    Connor Hartley

     5 months ago

    plz review one wheel