The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Could the Galaxy M series be the solution to Samsung's sales slump?WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS...Apple Is Finally Making Friends... Most Minimalist Phone iPhone Will Be Made In India... But Why? iPad Pro Is Bending. I'm Not Happy. You Spot The Notch? Best Noise Cancelling Headphones... Bose or Sony? Is Not A Flamethrower... BEWARE It A Smartphone Or Is It A Laptop? Palm Phone actually fits in your palm Sent A Special OnePlus 6T… The Surface Go A Real Computer? Next Smartphone May Surprise You... This Headset Does WHAT? Truth About The iPad Pro...’ve Never Seen A Smartphone Like This… Mind Bending 77-inch Wallpaper TV Craziest Smartphone Yet... The Google Pixel Slate Beat The iPad Pro? The Huawei Mate 20 Pro As Good As They Say? Nokia Back?’m quitting computers The Surface Laptop 2 The Perfect Laptop? Enormous Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Addictive Sliding Smartphone... Incredible Dual Screen Smartphone… The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money? This The Best Laptop For Most People? Project Tesla Solar Powered Smartphone Unusual Gadgets With Secret Features... Red Hydrogen One Holographic Smartphone 6T - Is This My Next Smartphone? Most Insane Gaming Laptop Every iPhone XR a $1300 Professional Fighting Robot The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet? Smartphone Will Change Everything... This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now? Phone 2 Unboxing - Can It Compete? Switching To The Google Pixel 3 XL... iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It. Google... Every Google Pixel 3 XL + Pixel 3 Smartphone Has 5 Cameras… But Why? Levitating Turntable - What Magic Is This? iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem... 2 Pro Unboxing - The $200 Real Deal iPhone XS Max Is Doing Something Weird... Switching To The iPhone XS Max... Every iPhone XS + XS Max XS + XR Actual Battery Capacity Revealed Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded... iPhone XR Is Depressing... F1 Review - Is It Really That Good? ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATESTwitter - - - Plus -
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  • somaan azam

     6 months ago

    This channel just went from Unbox Therapy to Therapy

  • Alexander Supertramp

     6 months ago

    Wierd background music


     6 months ago

    I think they ran out of stuff to unbox.

  • dark side

     5 months ago


  • ognightwing

     6 months ago

    @Zoe Shelley B E G O N E T H O T

  • Dim TS7

     6 months ago

    5,000MAh in a SΛMSUNG Phone that costs 200$...It's a bomb guys.

  • Mike Ciulini

     10 days ago

    Can’t wait

  • Humayra Malida

     3 months ago

    I promise I am watching this on an m20

  • Chinmay panhale

     6 months ago

    2019: SAMSUNG M series.After few years: SAMSUNG T series😂.

  • Meme Girl

     2 months ago


  • Isha Mukesh

     2 months ago

    No it's bitch lasagna

  • Rohan Satram

     6 months ago

    Lew: Actually talking The other guy: can you stop talking I wanna look at my laptop

  • GOAT

     4 months ago

    "the other guy" 😂

  • MR. R.G.T

     6 months ago

    I guess unbox therapy is shifting to chat therapy!!

  • dark side

     5 months ago

    Yea Real Talk Brand Like Samsung for cheaper price is Wow ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ra Hul

     5 months ago

    hell would've broken loose if they named it T-Series instead of M-Series 🤣

  • Animéternal

     6 months ago

    Redmi note 7(48mp camera + USB type C + Fast charging 4.0 with 4100 mah battery + Gorilla glass 5 + SD660=150$) stomps Galaxy M series in my opinion.(In terms of feature not accounting ui lol)

  • Rajat Kaushal

     6 days ago

    Why people don't talk about aftersale services? Unless and until you are living in a metro city the service centres of Xiaomi are absolute shit. It took them weeks to fix a damn charging port. Yeah, You can go to a local shop but it will fuck your warranty up. Honestly, Unless and until you are a gaming freak who likes to play heavy games on a phone Samsung is a better choice. It has that Super Amoled display which is far better. But yeah, XDA support for Redmi devices is tremendous.

  • Thirdy Mendiola

     1 months ago

    UI, that's the problem

  • Cristiano Collection

     6 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy M - " I Have Radical Price "Apple - Hold My Beer😂

  • asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X

     6 months ago


  • JaedenRed

     a months ago

    @tech talk you can't compare an iPhone that costs $1,099 to an entry level smartphone which costs less than $200. If Apple had balls to release an entry level phone that costs $200 only then can you compare the two. But for now you're just an Apple bitch.

  • Đęsţrøyer øf Łımıţs

     1 months ago

    @tech talk what other copying craziness do you see with the M series?