Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/


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  • ayo potato

    ayo potato

     10 hours ago

    It honestly pisses me off cuz Ethan wouldnt do anything for grayson while grayson was doing everything like c'mon Ethan dont be such a pussy jeez (by not doing anything I mean he'd reverse everything on grayson or he'd bitch and complain about it)

  • Caitlin Greene

    Caitlin Greene

     21 hours ago +1

    “Grapeson, go grab me some grapes” is the best line I’ve ever heard.

  • Kay Santiago

    Kay Santiago

     yesterday +1

    y is the camera man not talking

  • Reagan Wilson

    Reagan Wilson

     yesterday +1

    Love this

  • Hannah Hudson

    Hannah Hudson

     yesterday +1

    Definitely the funniest video they have made 🤣

  • lucid aubryy

    lucid aubryy

     yesterday +1


  • Koala Bubbliee

    Koala Bubbliee

     2 days ago +2

    When Ethan started tearing up awhhh 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • GAMER bOy

    GAMER bOy

     2 days ago +1

    Ethan you should have said can I change

  • Jesus Martinez

    Jesus Martinez

     3 days ago

    Ethan's the "younger" tiwn

  • Hannah BananaFace

    Hannah BananaFace

     3 days ago

    The end had me wheezing😂😂

  • Audra Schmitt

    Audra Schmitt

     4 days ago

    grayson is the king

  • ShayXOX MSP

    ShayXOX MSP

     4 days ago

    "I got him by his douche bag shirt" 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • Cyan B

    Cyan B

     4 days ago +2

    Who else realized that Ethan asked gray something 5 times in a row. Unfair

  • Timothy Iadicicco

    Timothy Iadicicco

     4 days ago

    16:06 to 16:22 is literally me and my sister.

    Can anyone relate..?

  • Mysterious Glitch

    Mysterious Glitch

     5 days ago +3

    “My toenails look delicious” that got me dead😂

  • Heather Rexroad

    Heather Rexroad

     5 days ago

    When he told you to get the protein shakes you could have asked him: Grayson can I not do that and then you wouldnt have had to go out in public😂

  • Maria M Waite

    Maria M Waite

     5 days ago

    I love how Ethan ask Grayson something 5 times in a row and then when Grayson trys to ask something 2 times in a row he gets crap for it

  • Turtle Gaming

    Turtle Gaming

     5 days ago

    Don't worry Grayson my twin is 1 min older than me

  • ashley cocco

    ashley cocco

     6 days ago

    I chocked on ny food watching this😂😂

  • maang kiim

    maang kiim

     6 days ago

    why do they look so good?!