Casually Explained: Travel

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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    This of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.”

    Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don't miss your flight.

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  • Mr_Bruh _Colin

    Mr_Bruh _Colin

     49 minutes ago

    Ok so I went to Paris and McDonald’s is like the only think I ate

  • burnt f1ames

    burnt f1ames

     6 hours ago

    Uh I don’t think Germans are learning English because they need it for travel but because it’s the only way to communicate with everyone else once they establish another Reich

  • Charm


     11 hours ago

    Casually explained is from Vancouver? Cool

  • MacAutopsy


     16 hours ago


  • Baum Mann

    Baum Mann


    english is enough...
    ... if you are a tourist, if you want to live somewhere lern the damn language
    ps anne frank was a born in frankfurt germany

  • Ritou Wolf

    Ritou Wolf


    1:06 but we do study english! MAMMAMIA!1!1

  • MarkoPollo


     2 days ago +1

    “So I reached into my wallet, took out a quarter, and gave it to her to close the wage gap” XD Iim dead 5:08

  • Vince White

    Vince White

     3 days ago

    If the stewardess is going to hook up, it’s with the high paid pilots, who are also staying in same hotel.

  • Menclé


     4 days ago

    1:39 no, we think the Canadian accent is funny and cute et c'est les Français s'avouent charmé par l'accent, sans le eux

  • Jim Heeren

    Jim Heeren

     5 days ago

    Ehm Anne Frank was German her family fled to the Netherlands in the late 30s.

  • Iwant Coffee

    Iwant Coffee

     5 days ago

    I don't travel much.I haven't even left my state.

  • Cherry Smoke

    Cherry Smoke

     5 days ago

    Are You fat or just too lazy to breathe in correctly?

  • silver Lyder

    silver Lyder

     5 days ago

    5:39 u realy like dise respecting people eh? Bruh 😂

  • Phil Email

    Phil Email

     5 days ago

    I prefer WestJet

  • Ash Miller

    Ash Miller

     6 days ago

    'oui oui, mon ami'
    j'mapelle lafayette

  • Jacob Eaton

    Jacob Eaton

     6 days ago

    This is it, the funniest video I have ever watched on YouTube

  • slothyyy


     6 days ago +35

    “Alright, well, it’s AirCanada that makes sense.”


  • lil bitch salad

    lil bitch salad

     6 days ago

    Ayy Victoria

  • Curiosi Tea

    Curiosi Tea

     6 days ago +13

    "We landed there quite smoothly" Oh man that's just brilliant.

  • Cballoem Ssonstedt

    Cballoem Ssonstedt

     6 days ago

    when he said mile high club, i was like, thats where i live