Best Speed And Agility Drills | Top 4 Agility Drills Of All Time

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 27, 2014

    These four videos take viewers through the basics of the best speed and agility drills for high performance athletes. These drills are applicable to runners, soccer players, and athletes involved in almost any sport including lacrosse, football, baseball, and basketball.

    Most of these four drills require only an available workout space and a set of Kbands resistance training bands for each participant. The first in the series, called the Kbands Wall Drill, emphasizes tension and strength development in the core and hip flexors and isolates the body in order to focus on these areas. Athletes will lean against a wall at a 45 degree angle and run in place, driving the knees high against the resistance of the bands.

    The second speed and agility drill is called the 1-2-3 Reaction Pro Drill, and will require the use of a Speed and Agility Ladder. Athletes will move forward and back along the ladder in various footwork combinations with the Kbands in place, and then removed.

    The third of these speed and agility drills is called the Fast 40-Yard Dash, and the fourth is called the Progressive Sprint Drill. Both of these emphasize the importance of technique at the starting line and explosive power during the dig phase.

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