Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today one of my favorite makeup artists and dear friends, Mmmmitchell is here!!! We travel to a few fast food spots and let the person in front of us, decide what we eat!! Never a dull moment when I leave the house... As the world's pickiest eater, this one was really tough for me... We also have a secret to share:

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  • Rashawn King

     (5 days ago)

    had to stop watching james live subscriber count for this LOL

  • Dayta

     (1 hour ago)

    Jump off a bridge

  • Chloe 3903

     (8 hours ago)

    How dare you, a 33 year old man, be so rude and ignorant to a 17 year old child, that is honestly so vile.

  • Bernard P.

     (58 seconds ago)


  • Pumper Nickel

     (3 minutes ago)

    Aloni Monae Are your kidding me smh

  • Yoanna Spasova

     (8 hours ago)

    I don’t get why is Jeffree tryna drag him down for things he most likely done himself since he’s type’s always been straight men ????

  • Briana James

     (13 seconds ago)

    🗣🗣louder for the people in the back

  • Booperio Dooperio

     (4 minutes ago)

    +Crimson and Clover I don't think it's coming at this point... 😕 he deleted his tweet... his Insta story... lol...

  • Yördany xoxo

     (2 hours ago)

    You're 33.You're a Beauty Guru/"Influencer"You're getting yourself involved in drama when you don't need to.You're calling James a "predator" when you're no different.You're bullying a 17 year old that doesn't have anything to do w/ thisYou're influencing hate even though you're supposed to be an "influencer"You're pathetic.

  • ashley zon

     (37 seconds ago)

    Carissa Jones Tati literally made James wanna kill himself while Tati was just tryna get sympathy from fans that’s pretty pathetic if you ask me imagine being called a sexual predator by millions of people even famous people Tati is far from good she should’ve been dragged through the mud oh wait she just did

  • ashley zon

     (2 minutes ago)

    TMS2021 EvelynN James cared a lot about jeffree and looked up to him jeffree knew that shit wasn’t true he just had to make something up so it wouldn’t look to bad on him people are so gullible

  • gabriela henny

     (8 hours ago)

    He is the definition of "a danger to society"

  • Daniel Wasonga

     (18 minutes ago)

    +did you see my bag? no he means you

  • Stina Starry-Eyed

     (4 days ago)

    Jeffree's next palette should the called the Career Killer, with shades named after the people who crossed him + subsequently got canceled.

  • Jasmine Tillis

     (4 minutes ago)

    Doesn't ha already have as shade named after himself?

  • luvjen

     (49 minutes ago)

    hes gonna have to put his own name in it 🙈

  • cara_ lowx

     (7 hours ago)

    I'm just saying y would you do that to James, your 32 he's 19. You should be more mature! Grow up!! And bullying Ian to, hmmm no mam 👎 unsubbed soz

  • Lauren

     (6 minutes ago)

    +Deadicated X it was one word. Lmao.

  • Deadicated X

     (9 minutes ago)

    Craig Wright imbecile* damn that’s sad you really tried to sound smart and couldn’t spell a word right lmao 🤡

  • Depresso Potato :'3

     (7 hours ago)

    Jeffree why did you have to do that to James' brother? he had literally nothing to do with the situation. I just watched his video and I'm in disbelief. I have respected and looked up to you for so long Jeffree. But you showed your true colors and now I don't know how to feel . I don't even know who I should support anymore the whole beauty community is like a bloodbath yeah yeah ye I don't even know who I should support anymore the whole beauty community is like a bloodbath.

  • Kateynn Taylor

     (4 hours ago)

    after watching James's new video... low-key can't even get through this without getting enraged/disgusted about how he treated James.

  • javairea noor

     (23 seconds ago)


  • Beauty Guru101

     (5 hours ago)

    Damn, your sub drop be dropping quicker then James when everyone knows what you said to James. I’m sorry I thought you amazing and a great person but now that I realise what you’ve done.Goodbye Jeffree

  • Lilyyyyyy

     (1 minute ago)

    bye lol

  • Bernard P.

     (2 minutes ago)