Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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  • Yusra Ali

    Yusra Ali

     2 days ago

    Imagine getting along with your parents lol can’t relate

  • Anna Larkin

    Anna Larkin

     3 days ago

    well wasnt jeremiah just adorable

  • mia sunshine

    mia sunshine

     4 days ago

    I’m sitting here watching this and I’m like “my parents act nothing like this” my parents and I would be getting into arguments. I wish my parents were this young too they are kinda old but like it still makes me think like “what if my parents were younger? would they think differently? Would they understand me better?” they don’t know half of what goes on In a middle school setting I wish I could just sit around and just talk to them without having the need to keep pushing at my side of the story or start yelling at each other, lmaoo

  • OvEdEo IoNuT

    OvEdEo IoNuT

     6 days ago

    That Mateo dude is getting hella bullied at school

  • amin jamal mungin

    amin jamal mungin

     7 days ago

    Lies...How many of them are having oral or anal sex to stay virgins? How many parents are cheating on their spouses or have secret gay or alternative sex lives?

  • one tome plz

    one tome plz

     7 days ago

    I don’t have the energy for 2 ig account like wake up school from 8-3:30 gaming from 4-8:30 ig from 9-9:30 just memes lol YouTube from 9:30-11:45 sleep and repeat now if u wondering were my social and home life is it don’t exist

  • HerNameIs Arian

    HerNameIs Arian

     14 days ago

    When Fanny (the boys mom) said she was 40 I was freakin surprised

  • M. Elde

    M. Elde

     21 days ago

    'but you just did' lol

  • Master


     21 days ago

    Taylor's dad is wayyy to paranoid. Isabella's parent is much more better, as well Mateo's mom.

  • Sophia Schaeffer

    Sophia Schaeffer

     21 days ago

    You guys should do boomers vs zoomers

  • Jimbrial Innocent

    Jimbrial Innocent

     21 days ago

    I miss my mom. I wish we could have done something like this with her because even though we were super close we didn't understand each other as well as we thought we did.

    I wish I could have one more day so I can pour my heart out to her and have her do the same. I just don't like knowing that she died not knowing things about me.

  • sosouth15


     21 days ago

    9:12 "Did this lil nerd just call my a ho?"

  • Patricia Akins

    Patricia Akins

     28 days ago

    This was so sweet. But they do seem like really good kids already yeah.

  • Lisoo jeng

    Lisoo jeng

     28 days ago

    How the girls face lit up with a smile when he mother said 'I trust her', was so heartwarming

  • komododragosh


     1 months ago

    When the heck are teens this chill? So unrealistic this episode is.

  • oli godendrocyte

    oli godendrocyte

     1 months ago

    know everything ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Emaline L.

    Emaline L.

     1 months ago

    I came into the beginning of this originally hesitant because not all teens want to talk to their parents and even more so not all teens want to talk to their parents in a public setting so I originally thought this video was going to introduce a lot of superficiality of covering up home life. And I can kind of see from their body language and what details about their private life they say in this video that this isn't the case. Of course this video only represents a very small population of teens and their parents but what I liked in this video is that some teens were very vocal about reaching out to their parents and some parents also voice the same that they want the best for their children and they want to be able to learn with their children or make compromises when it's necessary. I honestly wish as someone who didn't have the best home life when I was a teen that this was an option available to me because going to therapy with another psychologist seemed extremely intimidating but just having a safe space where we could collectively discuss our issues and not keep them private seems like a better option for my mental health back then and now

  • Cheese Rainbows

    Cheese Rainbows

     1 months ago +1

    teen boys find horrible images
    My search history:
    Nervous sweating

  • Logan Clark

    Logan Clark

     1 months ago +1

    taylor just looks like billie eilishs little sister

  • Cristina Bermudez

    Cristina Bermudez

     1 months ago

    Mateo is adorable. 💕