Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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  • Do ri

    Do ri

     8 hours ago

    Hi welcome to chilli's

  • Irdina Mohd Helmi

    Irdina Mohd Helmi

     9 hours ago

    That blonde girl legit looks like billie eillish

  • 25i n

    25i n

     3 days ago +1

    Most boring people in the room

  • Give me subs with no vids

    Give me subs with no vids

     3 days ago

    When Jeremiah said I was regional sales manager I cried

    I miss Dwight being such a kiss ass to Michael



     4 days ago

    Fanny is a beautiful woman.

  • Bryan Workman

    Bryan Workman

     6 days ago

    The older I am, the more I know....uhhh duh. How difficult is it to learn something new each day? the statement was not "When I'm older, I know everything."

  • Day Bot

    Day Bot

     7 days ago

    Holy it’s the kid from On My Block

  • Regan Gavaghan

    Regan Gavaghan

     7 days ago +1

    Why do they check their teens social media? That is so controlling and harmful.

  • Memesus


     7 days ago

    Millennials and boomers

  • Crystal Wang

    Crystal Wang

     7 days ago

    Hi I’m 16 and already hate my life.

  • zulqarnain jameel

    zulqarnain jameel

     7 days ago

    those kids clearly didnt talk properly just bcoz their parents were in front of them

  • Samantha Rovai

    Samantha Rovai

     14 days ago +1

    Its unfortunate they chose their biological parents. I think there would've been way way WAY better dialogue for parents and teens that are NOT related

  • Triston Tarum

    Triston Tarum

     14 days ago

    You can tell that Taylor chick hid a while lot more from her dad than what she said. I don't blame her either; you can just feel the judgement coming off that dude from looking at him. Like, for real dude. Chill.

  • Opulence10X


     14 days ago

    yes they see each other everyday eye to eye wtf

  • Whxt Xi

    Whxt Xi

     14 days ago

    Missed classes dude say that to Indian Dad
    180kmph se ayega chapal😉

  • CN


     14 days ago

    The British duo seems like the definition of a healthy child-parent relationship that I want to model my future family after. Parents often need to realize that as the times change, so does each new generation, and parents seeing aspects of those generations as less than desirable often puts emotional and mental strain on the child. Children want to fit the mold of their generation, but they also desire freedom to experience that as well as the support of their parents. Coming from a fundamentalist christian family, I understand this all too well.

  • Zoé V

    Zoé V

     21 days ago

    And also the picked the three nice kids out of a school not the fucked up majority

  • Demarcus Garner

    Demarcus Garner

     21 days ago

    Fanny is so cute....the most attractive mother on there

  • Moniiixca


     21 days ago

    Mateo’s mom is cooler than mateo

  • Lizzie Cook

    Lizzie Cook

     21 days ago

    ...her name is fanny